Ave Maria

My new album

Goodnight everyone. Today I share with you some great news.

My new album that I had been preparing for so many months has arrived.

Of all my albums, this is, without a doubt, the one that has been the most difficult for me to make. My work included everything from researching the repertoire, preparing the texts for each piece I perform, recording, which is done exclusively by me, to post-production, which was a real ordeal. I finally overcame the obstacles that I encountered along the way (obstacles related to the translations of the script, reproduction and, of course, the delivery that has been a Tom and Jerry experience, looking for and trying to catch the carrier that never arrived, or arrived with the wrong merchandise) and received my new record.
Now it’s here, and it’s beautiful.

The Ave Maria album includes 18 different Ave Maria compositions, chosen with great care. It is a journey through the ages through the same title of musical works, which begins with the Renaissance era and ends in this year, 2018, with my own composition.

¿Why Ave Maria? The Ave Maria It is one of the most used texts in the composition of classical music, since its first appearances in medieval times. To this day, more than 4,000 musical works bear this name in their title. Entre ellas se encuentran algunas de las composiciones más famosas de la música clásica como, por ejemplo, Ave Maria by Schubert, Ave Maria by Gounod or Ave Maria de Caccini by Vladimir Vavilov.

To better understand this magnificent journey through the ages, this record is accompanied by a booklet with all the information about each piece.

However, some of the pieces were originally written for a choir or orchestra. From there comes the most complicated part in the production of this record, since it is made by a single person, who, in turn, interprets the main melody and the rest of the voices and accompaniments. In this way, the Ave Maria by Tomás Luis de Victoria, it is still a work for two choirs in eight voices, except that I am playing the eight voices; and the Ave Maria by Pietro Mascagni is still a work for orchestra in which all the components of the orchestra’s sound are performed by me, recording the same piece dozens of times on different instruments.

The result is this beautiful album, an unforgettable experience for me, which with its incredible result gives me new strength to continue creating.

The album is available through my website, in the Discography section.